• Every agency claims to be different

    At Evoke MicroMass, we can say it with a straight face. Maybe it’s because we were started by behavioral scientists and not suits. Maybe it’s because we were founded in the Research Triangle and not on Madison Ave. However it started, we’ve spent the last few decades building the agency we’ve always wanted to work at, and we’re continually evolving to stay that way.

    We’re serious about our work, but not ourselves. We work from Cary, NC, or we work from anywhere we choose to call home. We do meaningful work, and we live meaningful lives. We collaborate tirelessly to create the best work possible, and we were recently named an MM+M Best Place to Work.

  • Changing health through Human Dynamics

    Our unique Human Dynamics approach builds on our decades-long legacy of applying the principles of behavioral science to healthcare marketing. As an integrated team of behavioral scientists and award-winning marketing professionals, we’re able to create uniquely impactful campaigns and experiences by rooting our work in proven techniques based on behavioral science.

    By truly understanding the psychological wants and needs of the patient, we take the guesswork out of what will motivate patients and use that expertise to create deeper, more meaningful connections between patients and brands that get tangible results.

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  • Health more human™

    At Evoke MicroMass, we know that diseases and chronic conditions don’t just impact health—they impact lives. Stats and promises of symptom control or better test results motivate patients to some degree, but inside every patient is a person—a person with deeply rooted fears, insecurities, hopes, and motivations.

    These Human Dynamics can make all the difference in how a patient responds, or doesn’t respond, to a campaign or treatment experience. We apply behavioral science to create stronger relationships with our audience—relationships that not only educate, but that truly engage and inspire action. That’s how we change lives for the better. That’s how we make health more human™.

Our Work

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Meet our leadership team

  • Rosanne Johnson
    President, Evoke MicroMass

  • Rob Peters
    EVP, Strategy

  • John Hamilton
    EVP, Client Services

  • Noah Lowenthal
    Executive Creative Director

Join us in making health more human™

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Together, we’re all Evoke

Evoke is a global brand, experience, and communications platform, purpose-built to make health more human™. As part of Evoke, we are one of many specialty agencies working together in global practice areas to provide you frictionless access to the best people in the industry. Whether you have a specific specialty need or are looking for a comprehensive, integrated and agile partner to transform your business, you’ve come to the right place.

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