• We are the matter makers

    We create meaningful experiences to create meaningful change.

    We put the soul into science, use empathy as our measure of excellence, and only commit to brave action. People deserve better health, and it begins one experience at a time.

    We are 250 passionate experts—world-class thinkers, scientists, and doers pushing the boundaries of craft and expertise. Our full-service teams are based on both the east and west coast of the US and across 4 locations in the UK.

    Adaptive, collaborative, and dynamic. Our shared purpose bonds us in every interaction to make each experience boundless.

    We pursue every possibility to make an impact, working across channels, sectors, and disciplines to make the life-changing come to life.

  • We bring the shiver

    Boldly going into the space between courage and curiosity to dream up the never before is the norm here. Our aim is to bring the shiver to our clients each and every day, whether through ideas, experiences, or our actions.  

    What’s the shiver? You know it when you feel it. The shiver is that visceral response—that shortcut through the rational to hit the emotional center of meaningful change. It’s about putting the soul into science and letting goosebumps guide every thought.

    And we bring it across the full spectrum of health, so that we learn in one sector makes us more innovative, creative, and impactful in another.

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  • Health more human™

    Solving the biggest challenges in health is not for the faint of heart, unless you’re a Matter Maker. Driving real, measurable behavior change is at the heart of what we do, day in day out.

    At the core of the Evoke Mind+Matter proposition is our planning model CHANGE, a behavioral science-led strategic methodology co-created with the internationally recognized Centre for Behavior Change at UCL.

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Meet our leadership team

  • Ben Beckley
    President, Evoke Mind+Matter

  • Jason Smith
    Global Director, Finance

  • Corrina Safeio
    Group Managing Director, UK

  • Carina Whitridge
    Managing Director, US

  • Alisa Shakarian
    Global Creative Director

  • Annemarie Crivelli
    Global Director, Experience

  • Tina Meade
    Global Director, Client Operations

  • Julianne Dunphy, PhD
    Global Director, Medical Strategy

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Evoke is a global brand, experience, and communications platform, purpose-built to make health more human™. As part of Evoke, we are one of many specialty agencies working together in global practice areas to provide you frictionless access to the best people in the industry. Whether you have a specific specialty need or are looking for a comprehensive, integrated and agile partner to transform your business, you’ve come to the right place.

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