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AMPlifying email interactivity

Tracy Huynh, StrategyBy Tracy Huynh, Associate Director, Strategy

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Email remains the number one way healthcare professionals and consumers want to communicate with businesses, and for the past two decades the interface has remained relatively stable despite web browsing continuing to evolve. Until now.

AMP for Email—an HTML email format released by Google last year, brings new interactivity to the inbox. Designs, actions, and content previously limited to websites can now be rendered in emails, offering more engaging user experiences and streamlining the steps to conversion. Interactive emails are on the rise—a year after its release, 57% of opens are now supported by AMP for Email.

Healthcare brands are challenged with delivering dense, complex, clinical information. Capturing the attention of physicians is especially difficult, as they are most likely to read emails on workdays. Therefore, healthcare brands have a real opportunity to enhance their emails with AMP. Below we’ve highlighted several AMP components marketers can use today to make their emails more engaging and actionable.

What is AMP for Email?

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open-source HTML markup language originally designed to improve the web experience. AMP codes speed up page load times when used in place of select CSS, backend code, and site elements. Similarly, AMP for Email allows the inbox to take advantage of select website layout options, like carousels, and serve dynamic content with much less code. Select layout and dynamic capabilities have applications for pharma brands.

How can pharma brands leverage AMP for Email?

Below are a few different layouts and dynamic content we think have applications for pharma brands.


  • Use accordions to make ISIs expandable and shorten emails
  • Tell a story in images with carousels. Walk users though a dosing schedule, efficacy data, or a product redesign with multiple rotating graphics
  • Tabs can streamline the display of multiple paragraphs, content sections, or steps in a process. Consider highlighting different clinical trials, outlining support services available, describing an enrollment process, or setting expectations for a treatment process in multiple tabs
  • Use sidebars to help users navigate longer emails

AMP Example

Dynamic Content

  • Ask physicians and consumers to provide feedback or take actions with AMP for Email forms. Forms offer users multiple choice answers or a blank field for their input. Consider asking users what content they would like to see, providing options to schedule a call, or requesting feedback on a recent rep or nurse interaction
  • Strengthen select messages with dynamically updated live data. Use social proof to drive conversions by showing a live count of enrollees, registrants, or members
  • Build custom interactive components to make data more engaging. Consider building a module that visualizes HEOR data. Create a calculator that sums up the time a user spends managing a condition to emphasize disease burden

AMP Example



Currently, no email provider has confirmed if AMP for Email impacts deliverability. However, AMP for Email may indirectly increase deliverability if emails yield higher engagement.


  • Register with Google and receive whitelist approval to send AMP emails. A positive sender reputation is among the requirements for approval
  • Ensure your ESP allows build support for AMP emails
  • Check that your audience primarily uses email platforms that can render AMP emails. Be prepared to develop fallback experiences for other users
  • Ensure your regulatory team understands that experiences may vary depending on the users’ actions and email platform

Getting started

Building dynamic AMP emails requires a clear email strategy, thoughtful application of features, understanding of regulatory support, and a development team familiar with the markup language.

Evoke can help brands create the right email strategy, build campaigns, optimize touchpoints, and collaborate with stakeholders to deliver more impactful email experiences with AMP. Contact us at for more on AMP and email strategy.