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Defining a CX strategy for today and tomorrow

Olly Johnston, Director, StrategyBy Olly Johnston, Director, Strategy

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Throughout this intense period of struggle and strife, humanity has shown an inspiring amount of resilience and an uncanny knack for rallying around one another. And there’s no reason why healthcare brands can’t do the same. With half of the global population at home and many initiatives onpause or cancelled, brand leaders are being presented with an opportunity to re-evaluate how to best engage their customers in this new and uncertain world in a way that goes beyond tactics. In this installment of “Overcoming COVID-19,” we examine how brands can start to operate within an entirely new customer experience (CX).

We have the opportunity now to reexamine your brand voice, brand tone, customer interaction points, and the overall customer experience. Here are some ideas for how you can get started.

Emotion is Key

With our approach to CX at Evoke, we’ve seen time and again that emotion drives decision making (think: why would people bulk buy toilet paper otherwise?). Now, more than ever, brands have an opportunity to evolve on an emotional level and improve how they interact with their customers. People are not looking for clinical, logical, and cold—they are seeking warm, relatable, and supportive. To paint a more specific picture, imagine the context in which healthcare professionals (HCPs) are currently making decisions:

  • Primary care physicians (PCPs) are completely overwhelmed by the emotional burden of deciphering who out of their vast and varied patient population may be at risk for COVID-19, as well as delineating which symptoms are connected

  • Specialists are no longer able to conduct in-person tests, and 1:1 monitoring is no longer feasible

  • Physicians in a hospital setting are overwhelmed from a volume perspective and may be without critical resources or equipment

Start by asking yourself:

  • What does your brand stand for today, and what will it represent in 12 months?

  • How well do you understand the customer you serve?

  • How well do you truly understand the full process of what a patient goes through to get access to their medication? How about the process for HCPs to diagnose and treat?

  • Can you empathize with all the frustrations found within this overwhelmingly complex system?

Time is a Finite Resource

With a culture where the lines of digital and analog are blurred, always being “on” is a basic expectation, and the separation between work and home is non-existent. Time has become one of our most precious commodities. It can feel like we are always trying to squeeze 25 hours into a 24-hour day.

To ensure timely and valuable engagement, ask yourself:

Many of the Behaviors Developed Today Will Become Normalized

Successfully navigating through short-term challenges like labor force, supply chain, cash flow, and demand, are clearly front and center—but they will not ensure a bright future for your brand. That’s because when we emerge from the pandemic, we will be confronted with a whole new world previously unimagined.

To prepare, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you prepared for the adoption of telemedicine and other digital health tools?

  • If in-office visits are limited long-term, how will you define the right division of labor between in-person and digital communication?

  • Are you prepared to think ahead to what experiences your competitors will be providing so that you can define the market dynamics?

Customer Experience may not be a new concept for most pharma brands, but integrating CX as a philosophy requires leveraging new mindsets and strategies. At Evoke, we take an approach to CX that goes beyond the process of building a journey. We help clients overcome both internal and external obstacles in ways that create competitive, enduring advantages.

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