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Recap on our Summer 2019 Internship Program

This summer Evoke had the pleasure of welcoming 13 interns across offices and departments to gain hands-on experience and gain an inside look at the inner workings of an agency. From day one, interns at Evoke were assigned to teams where they had the opportunity to shadow and learn from some of our industry-leading experts.

In appreciation of their energy and contributions, we asked a few of them about their experience and takeaways from their summer with Evoke.

Thank you to all our summer 2019 Evoke interns!

“During my internship, I helped develop one pagers for oncology assays, concept for pitches, and design oncology workshop presentations. My favorite part was being able to contribute to the pitch process. It really allows you to stretch your creative muscles and go deeper. I also enjoyed working with agency ambassadors to organize internal events like poker night. If I had to share one piece of advice for future interns, it would be to get involved and meet new people. Stay for after-work events. It’s a large agency, so meeting new people is both possible and a lot of fun!”

-Andrew Pascual, Copywriting, San Francisco

“Evoke not only takes a human approach to health, but also to its overall business model, including its internship program. The culture at Evoke is open, insightful, and driven. I never felt nervous to ask a question, but rather was always encouraged to engage in conversation with fellow planners as well as coworkers from other disciplines. I really enjoyed my position in the planning department. Gathering data and helping to convert it into insights, offered a great mix of research and creativity that I am interested in pursuing in the future. I feel like I’ve learned more from working with the planning team at Evoke than I have from some of my college courses. There is no better way to learn the business than interning with two incredibly experienced planners.”

-MJ Montana, Planning, New York

“My internship experience was eye-opening! I got to see exactly how an agency functions. As a social media intern, I had the opportunity to conduct social listening around health trends, help with social media audits and optimization recommendations from in-depth research, draft social media posts and content calendars, ghostwrite articles, execute creative ideas, post on some of Evoke’s social channels, participate in social webinars, and support the team with projects across accounts. I had a great experience here at Evoke!”

-Jackie Tammaro, Social Media, Philadelphia

“As a design intern, I had the opportunity to create the type of work that I see in real life. I contributed to banners for Amazon Prime Day, email blasts for products I actually use, and a website for a household essential. I was also given the creative freedom to help design an entirely fresh employee handbook. The guidance I received from mentors throughout the summer was essential in showing me exactly how the design process works and truly preparing me for agency life post-internship.”

-Ross Goldfarb, Design, New York

“I joined Evoke because I was interested in learning more about the inner workings of an advertising agency. As an account intern, I had the opportunity to work on an exciting new account and be a part of the onboarding process, brand identity development, HCP creative concepting, and many other valuable learning experiences. I felt a part of the agency from day one. The people were one of my favorite parts about this internship—I loved spending time with them both in and outside of the office. I would definitely advise future interns to meet as many people as possible in order to gain a better sense of what each department and role does, and to connect with some very talented people.”

-Olivia Wagner, Account, San Francisco

From the moment I walked in the door I was treated as an equal. The work I contributed to wasn’t menial tasks, but actual work where I needed to learn how to get the right creative and message across. I’ve not only grown as a writer, but also as a person. The culture at Evoke is unlike anywhere else, and I hope that I’ll be able to work with this team once again.”

-Giovanni Maiorano, Copywriting, New York

“What drew me to Evoke was the way the agency presents itself—it’s professional but also doesn’t take itself too seriously. From the moment I walked in for my initial interview, I felt welcome. Through this internship, I’ve found that a lot of what I’ve learned in college doesn’t come nearly as close to what I can learn from hands-on work experience. I’ve even learned more about myself and who I am professionally, as well as what to expect post-grad.”

-Ryan Johnson, Strategy, Philadelphia

“What made working at Evoke such a special experience is that, as an intern, I was given the same respect as a full-time employee right off the bat. My favorite project was patient-concepting for a treatment for women with cancer, both a complex and challenging topic. Throughout this project, my managers recognized my illustration skills and played to those strengths by assigning me an increasing amount of responsibility. By doing so, I saw that my coworkers in turn recognized me as a valued member of the team rather than just a seasonal college student.”

-Emily Pellegrino, Art, San Francisco