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Reflecting on the Giant journey as Evoke Giant integrates into Evoke

Adam Gelling, President, San FranciscoBy Adam Gelling, President, San Francisco

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Looking through a contemporary lens at our world of healthcare marketing 20 years ago when Giant was founded in 2002, it’s shocking to think about the amount of change that has occurred. DTC advertising was exploding on TV after the FDA finalized its guidance, digital marketing was in its infancy, and a new class of drugs—humanized monoclonal antibodies—were securing FDA approvals. It was the wild, wild west, and everyone was looking to build a differentiated service offering, especially in biotech’s backyard with innovators such as Genentech and Amgen. For 15 years, we grew our clients and capabilities alongside these emerging companies and became the largest healthcare agency presence on the left coast—a crazy but amazing ride!

About 5 years ago, we noticed the healthcare industry was changing yet again, and the brands that we served needed more power, more creativity, and a faster, more seamless way to connect with global audiences across all channels and with one global strategy. Giant excelled in advertising and creative, but we knew that to be an industry leader and offer the best solutions and omnichannel marketing strategies to our clients, we had to 1) become bigger, 2) expand our geography, and 3) build on our already powerful service offerings.

With that in mind, we officially joined Evoke in July 2018—becoming Evoke Giant. The synergies between our agencies were evident from the start, so we continued our incredible journey together. The partnership has taken our integrated agency to greater heights than we could have imagined. Our growth has continued at a remarkable rate, amplifying our offerings and attracting the world’s top pharma brands and talent. It’s been 3½ years since Giant joined the Evoke brand; and now, as we again prepare for what’s next in this ever-changing healthcare landscape, Evoke Giant has officially integrated into Evoke. And the Giant brand will finally be retired, after 20 amazing years.

As one powerhouse agency, our goal is to remain at the forefront of the industry and bring our clients the best and most dynamic business solutions to drive real results. We are always looking to the future, so we can stay one step ahead for our clients and people. I’m truly excited to see how this combined force will grow the organization and our ability to innovate and bring new thinking to the healthcare industry with the work we do. As a single, integrated Evoke entity, we remain dedicated in our charge to humanize health for better outcomes across the globe. I’ve never been more confident and hopeful for the future.