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Using website concierge bots to drive deeper brand connections

Nolan Mayer, Director, Engagement StrategyBy Nolan Mayer, Director, Engagement Strategy

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The quest for deep brand connections within the pharma category begins before treatment initiation. How prospects find a brand and the coveted conversion that follows often starts with a search query. Answers to these queries must be personal and connective between the audience and the brand—and ensuring the audience reaches these answers in a relevant and connective way relies on data.

Today, pharma-sponsored websites capture limited user data. The data are often limited to traffic sources, site engagements, and—hopefully—low-funnel contact information (which does not always capture your audience’s marketing segment). This leads to a one-size-fits-all website journey that yields lackluster engagement metrics:

An infographic that states: ~65% bounce rate, ~24% unique visit rate, 2.5 page views per session on desktop, 1.5 page views per session on mobile

So, how do you ensure your website visitor’s experience is unique and most relevant to them?

Customize your audience’s website experience with a website concierge bot!

Unlike traditional “live chat” website features that rely on live operators to answer product-specific questions, website concierge bots are AI-enabled tools that can help users:

  • Navigate your website in a streamlined manner, as website concierge bots can learn what audience segment users fall into and thus recommend customized journey paths

  • Engage with your website on a more personal level through resuming subsequent visits based on previous engagements

  • Seamlessly convert into your CRM programs by automating the registration process via conversational data input

  • Remain in contact with your brand during off hours

Concierge bots have the ability to customize your website by learning how users entered your site (eg, search, referral link, display ad, direct traffic), how users want to engage with your site’s content, and what action users need to take to satisfy their intent.

3 key considerations to ensure your concierge bot performs to the best of its ability

1. Know your audience

Specific user knowledge can be gained by your website concierge bot’s interactions. Bots can ask screening and segmentation questions to site visitors whose responses are captured and applied to create user profiles. Through serving back data-driven content triggered by these user profiles, your website can deliver more personal and memorable experiences to your audience by:

  • Serving up dynamic content and streamlined story flows based on user engagement history and traffic source

  • Personalizing conversations between users and the bot using language, tone, and preferred content learned from previous experiences

  • Activating assistive features (eg, font size, color brightness, text to speech)

  • Facilitating website actions based on user intent (eg, prompt CRM registration or navigate users to a product initiation video)

  • Customizing broader ecosystem engagements based on the next best message for individual customers

2. Learn from success stories

In the healthcare category today, there are a variety of in-market executions of bots that help with personalized and intent-driven website navigation, within both branded and unbranded ecosystems. Some examples of successful bots include:

  • Sophia (Novo Nordisk unbranded): A hybrid bot—meaning users can either type their questions or click on pre-populated prompts which use natural language processing to answer questions, recommend website content, and facilitate CRM sign-ups. It can also serve up custom, relevant landing pages by remembering the previous site activity of returning visitors.

Sophia Chatbot

  • Ninlaro: A click-driven navigation widget on the branded website that segments users based on their responses to questions and then automatically drives them to the most relevant page.


  • Elise (Eliquis branded): A hybrid bot, similar to Sophia, that answers user queries, navigates users to relevant and requested pages, and can even trigger the involvement of a live representative.


A notable non-healthcare execution is Bank of America’s Erica, an AI-powered virtual concierge bot that collects user-demand data to inform the brand about audience needs that are currently unsupported—all while delivering impeccable, personalized customer service within another highly regulated and secure industry.

Bank of America's Erica AI

3. Design to influence

Website concierge bots need to be designed with certain characteristics that will help build trust among your audience. By establishing trust your bot will be used at critical moments in the journey that will influence the right actions at the right time. This requires designing your bot to be:

  • Authoritative: Website concierge bots have the potential to deeply influence website journeys. Through their interactions with users they can ensure priority pages are visited and high-value actions are taken. Designing bots to speak and serve with authority and conviction provides the user with a reliable, trusted, and efficient website tool, resulting in optimal site performance. How authoritative your website concierge bot is will depend on how intelligently it is designed

  • Intelligent: Do more with the data collected to enhance the overall website and brand experiences. For example, use data to serve dynamic content based on the user’s website behaviors and digital journey or serve custom landing pages based on traffic source and/or previous session activity

  • Personalized & relationship-oriented: Integrate the bot with CRM programs to ensure users are made aware of all program offerings and leverage personal data (eg, name, gender, geography) to allow for more intimate and relevant conversations. For example, include personalized salutations and language, geographic, and other behavioral nuances within conversations

Website customization through bots is becoming more popular. Customers who deeply connect with brands using concierge bots find themselves enjoying successive website visits and contextually relevant ecosystem touches. Applying concierge bots to healthcare can not only differentiate among brands but also deliver personal value to your audiences. After all, healthcare customers demand—and deserve—1:1 customer service experiences, and website concierge bots are a valuable opportunity to provide them with that.

Evoke helps pharmaceutical and healthcare brands to connect more closely with their audiences by designing and developing high-functioning websites that differentiate from the competition with data-driven solutions, such as website concierge bots. To learn more, contact


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